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Important Dates
Please note the following important dates:
  • Letter Home re Starting Dates
  • Feb 4th - Y9 & Student Leaders (bring PE Gear and Togs)
  • Feb 5th - Y9 & Student Leaders
  • Feb 6th - Waitangi Day
  • Feb 7th - All students at school
Please note that returning students need to log in to their Student Portal to check that their timetables are complete. If there are any gaps, you will need to come in to see a Dean on either Monday Feb 4th or Tuesday Feb 5th.

Enrolment for 2019
Enrolment for 2019 is now open. You can find enrolment information at in the top menu of this website. Please either post or return all relevant information to the front office. Enrolment interviews with the Principal will be scheduled for later in the year.

Bring Your Own Devices
Students at all year levels are encouraged to bring their own digital devices to school. These devices must be fit for purpose and used as a tool for learning.  

Please note that the use of BYOD at Whanganui City College is not compulsory, and is merely presented as an option for those who wish to take it.

For further information, please read this letter.

Did you know?
We have an toll free number (0800 922 463). Please feel free to use your mobile phones to contact us on this number.

Whanganui City College Graduate Profile

The cubes represent the seven skills which we expect students to attain. The outer layer represents 'Te Wero', our four core values underlying these skills.

Whanaungatanga - the foundation, the rock, the starting point on which everything we do in the school rests.
Empathetic - Able to engage with and accept people from all walks of life.
Resilient - Actively seeking to identify and resolve challenges in learning and life.
Oranga - To encourage a healthy future for all.

WCC Inquiry Process