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College History

Wanganui City College has a history which dates from 1911 and embraces a variety of titles ranging from “Wanganui Technical College” to “Wanganui Boys’ College”. The College was officially opened under its new title in 1994 with an intake of 800 students.

A Proud Tradition 
Wanganui Technical College opened its doors in 1911, with 142 students, ably lead by Mr W. A Armour. With vision and skill he transformed the site into a commanding co-educational facility. Mr G Park succeeded Mr Armour in 1915. He quickly established a boys’ hostel - a rented villa in Victoria Avenue which grew from an initial intake of 12 to 41 by 1920.
By 1922, when Mr I Newton became Principal the roll was 398. In 1931 Purnell House, the Schools Hostel was built. Also notable was the roll which by 1936 had risen to 707. Mr John Dash became Principal in 1944, followed by Mr Cecil Day in 1954. By 1957, because of an ever increasing roll, the roll was closed to girls, with the last girls from this era leaving in 1962. The name Wanganui Boys College was instituted in 1964. Mr Colin Noall was appointed Principal in 1967, a time when the school was providing day and evening tuition for some 1500 students.

The seventies saw the completion of the Assembly Hall and the Tower block in 1979. With Mr Noall’s departure Wanganui Boys’ College was fortunate to be able to welcome one of its most loyal advocates to the Principal’s office. Mr Ian Hamilton, whose career had demonstrated an enthusiastic dedication to the interests of the school, was selected for the position of Principal. Mr Hamilton, noted for his capacity for hard work, and determination to see the job completed well, was an able and committed leader. Under his guidance Wanganui City College, as it became known in 1994, embraced the new Curriculum developments and qualification requirements with a willingness which has it placed among national leaders in many fields.
Mr Brian Woolhouse was appointed Principal in 1998 and he worked ceaselessly in order to improve the facilities at Wanganui City College making it the equal of any secondary school in the region.

Mr Peter Kaua was appointed Principal in 2008 and brings to the school a strong commitment to student and community relationships.