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Dear Sir
The Wanganui Axeman's Club wishes to thank the members and parents of the Hockey team who assisted with the cleaning up of blocks and chips a the recent A & P Show at Springvale Park.

It was a great team of happy, polite, well mannered young people who kept our chopping ring clean for two days. They were still tidying up in the rain late Sunday afternoon.

A big thanks to you all and hope we can help again in the future.

Yours faithfully
DF Bayler

Kia ora Peter,

I was the ref at yesterday's U15 footie final, and I just wanted give you a bit of feedback on the performance of your team.
After the game the number 14 came and sought me out and thanked me on behalf of the college for coming and doing the game. It was a touch of class. Even more so because he was the unlucky one who I sent to the bin for 10 minutes after both teams were warned to keep their tackles down.

I was also really impressed with your captain Josh, with the way he led the team, and interacted with me throughout.

Mark Chillingworth

To The Principal,
I am a Parent of one of the children in your school kapahaka group (Te Roopu o Punawai) I live in Auckland so I have never had the privilege of seeing my son perform in this group until last week at the National Kapahaka competition.

My Brother and I were able to join the group in Waitangi on Tuesday evening and spend the night. Both of us are Kapahaka enthusiasts and tutor groups ourselves as well as perform with Auckland senior kapahaka groups so any opportunity to share time with different roopu is a bonus.

I am writing to you because I was so blown away by this amazing group of kids. I found every student to be respectful, and supportive from the moment we got there. Being so far away from my son it is difficult to know weather he is well looked after but after 1 night and day with the kapahaka group I left feeling happy that my son has such great role models. I must add that all of the teachers are a credit to your school. Being a teacher myself, I understand the pressures of National competitions and with the added stress of the death of a fellow teacher, tutor and friend of theirs I was amazed at how they were able to support all of the students and each other during a really hard time. I also credit them for the wonderful behaviour of all the students. Not once did a voice have to be raised, every time the students were asked to do something they immediately got to it! So I would like to thank the teachers and students of Te Roopu o Punawai for their hospitality towards myself and my brother and congratulate them on an absolutely amazing, heartfelt performance and also for their support and guidance towards my son Marunui. I can't wait to have the opportunity to see and hear more of their amazing songs.

E Te Roopu o Punawai, He mihi mutunga kore ki a koutou katoa.

Melanie Davis
July 2012

Kia Ora Peter

I had the pleasure of watching City College 1st fifteen play at Hato Paora a few weeks ago. I am writing this email to say what a pleasure it was watching your players. Their attitudes were outstanding and ALL team players showed excellent sportsmanship. It was a great pleasure seeing these young men ignore bad sportsmanship shown by the opposition. As I am in the teaching profession myself I felt proud to see young men competing with such a high level of sportsmanship. This was a positive reflection on your players, their coaches and your school as a whole.

Kind regards
Ashlee Mcleod
June 2012


I thought you may be interested in the success of one of your past pupils, my Son Hamish Trott.

Hamish came to you as a 3rd form border in 2000(I think). I sent him to boarding school because he was well and truly heading down the wrong path, in fact I do believe he would have ended up dead or in jail before he was 20 if I hadn’t sent him to your school. 

It took about 3 months for your staff to break him and then he was rebuilt into the nice young man that I knew he could be. He stayed at WCC as a border for 2.5 years, moved back to New Plymouth and spent another 6 months at Boys High School. Hamish had the opportunity to attend a two week course at Film and Television School in Auckland while he was a student at BHS and from this experience he figured out where his passion lies, he spent the next 12 months doing a media studies course and joining toast masters so he would have a stronger opportunity to be accepted into Film and Television School to complete his Diploma.

Hamish was accepted and completed his Diploma in 18 months and is now a camera operator. He has since gone onto work in a few different areas of film and television; mainly he has worked for sky sports and does some studio work e.g The Crowd goes Wild. He has had many amazing opportunities such as spending six months in France filming the rugby world cup, filming the cricket in India etc

I have attached a magazine article on Hamish and his friend who have just started a new business and I thought this may interest you as I am sure you love to see success stories about past pupils. (Page 36 of magazine)*

Thanks WCC, you were the best thing that ever happened to my son and I will be forever grateful.

Susan Veitch

*M2 Magazine, March 2012