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We offer homestay and school hostel accommodation and we also welcome international parents with students (Guardian Visas) and Designated Caregivers (DCG).

A DCG is a relative or close family friend designated in writing by the parents of an international student as the caregiver and accommodation provider for that student. A DCG must also undergo vetting and receive final approval from the College. If parents are accompanying an international student on a Guardian Visa, the College will assist in finding and securing suitable accommodation.

Our homestay families are carefully selected and they are looking forward to hosting you. A new family on the other side of the world awaits you. You will have your own bedroom and typically homestay brothers and/or sisters. Your host parents would probably work locally in town in a range of businesses and professions.

Our school hostel, Millennium House, is a home away from home for both boys and girls and is conveniently located on our school premises. Millennium House is run by a manager with the assistance of GAP tutors.

International Accommodation Guidelines