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Economics at Wanganui City College is offered through NCEA. Students enter a course of study based on their results from year 10.       

Year 10
An introduction to Economics and Business Studies covering a wide variety of topics, including: Introduction to Demand and Supply, The Circular Flow Diagram, Entrepreneurship and Enterprising New Zealanders and The basics of Accounting.

Year 11
NCEA Level 1.
7 (5 External and 2 Internal) Achievement/Unit Standards, covering introductory concepts, consumer choice and demand, producers and supply and market theory. No pre-requisite.

Year 12
NCEA Level 2.
7 (4 External and 3 Internal) Achievement/Unit Standards covering 3 main macroeconomic issues (inflation, international trade and economic growth).  No pre-requisite.

Year 13
NCEA Level 3.
(4 External and 2 Internal) Achievement/Unit Standards covering market theory, the behaviour of firms, market failure and aggregate (macro) economic activities.