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At Wanganui City College, Technology is primarily delivered across three departments;DVC, ICT, Food and Textiles.

DVC and Technology

These departments deliver a variety of subjects from a range of specialist teaching spaces. The foundation for all subjects are the respective curriculum and prescription documents as set by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

The Technology Group aims to provide students with opportunities to develop:
  • An informed understanding of technologies and relevant technological developments
  • Confidence and competence in product design and development across a number of technological areas
  • A broad range of technical and technological skills that will support students ongoing studies and employment opportunities in a technological world
  • The skills and knowledge that will support each student to gain achievements that reflect their potential and ability

As Educators we value:
  • Technology Education as a framework for students to develop a broad range of Essential Skills and Key Competencies as well as Technological Literacy and Graphics Literacy as defined in the curriculum statements for Technology and Graphics
  • Encouraging and supporting students to develop the skills for lifelong learning
  • Student achievement both in the broad range of technological subjects, as well as in specific subjects or within specific technological fields of interest

Food and Textiles Technology

lisa mark arama kayce shannon eva yr 11 factory run -mince pies


Chris Donaldson – HOD
NZCE Electrical, Diploma Specialist Subjects, Diploma Teaching (Secondary) Teaching at WCC since 1996. HOD since 1998. Previously employed in the Heavy Transport and Telecommunications Industries. National Secretary New Zealand Graphics and Technology Teachers Association (1998 - 2001). Teaches Food and all areas of Workshop Technology and DVC for Years Seven - Thirteen.

Alistair Duff
Bachelor Computer Graphic Design, Diploma Teaching (Secondary).  Teaching at Wanganui City College since 2005. Previously employed in the Automotive Engineering field and then Industrial Design. Teaches all areas of Workshop Technology and Graphics for Years Nine - Thirteen.

Phil Hopkinson
Bachelor Technology, Diploma Teaching (Secondary). Teaching at Wanganui City College since 2009. Qualified furniture maker and polisher. Employed in the furniture industry since 1994 with the last 8 year managing a solid timber furniture company. Held key responsibilities for design and apprentice training. Teaches in the wood working area of Workshop Technology as well as Graphics and Computing.

Liz Adams
Bachelor of Fashion UCOL and Grad Dip (Sec) Massey. Teaching at Wanganui City College since 2009. Extensive Industry experience includes 40 years working in the clothing manufacturing industry and teaching adults industry training through the ATITO. Teaches Fabric Technology for Years Nine – Thirteen.