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Technology & Trades Centre

The subjects delivered from our Technology and Trades Centre offer students Design and Skills based pathways that will prepare them for future study and / or employment. Students can choose both pathways from Year Nine onwards.


Design Technology – is a design-based pathway that:
  • Introduces students to appropriate skills and knowledge bases for students to advance designer thinking.
  • Introduces students to design processes within Technology contexts.
  • Encourages innovation and responsibility in design.Design Technology courses are available from Year Nine to Year Thirteen.

Technology Skills – is a Trade Skills based pathway that focuses on:

  • Practical Trade and Workshop experiences.
  • Developing appropriate skills and knowledge bases for students to support and advance their practical ability in the workshop.
  • Drawing and Design Skills to support the construction of student projects.
  • Methods and processes involved in production from a Trades and Industrial perspective.Trade Skills courses are open to Year 12 or 13 students and culminate at Year 12 and 13 into National Certificate programmes in Building and Construction and Core Engineering. Entry requirements include Level One Literacy and Numeracy and a passion for trades. 

The college is fully committed to ensuring that our Trades courses continue to provide our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for industry. This is reflected in a significant modernisation programme for our workshops involving provision of new tools and equipment including computerised 2D and 3D manufacturing as well as a plan to redevelop our workshops.

Our primary goal is to develop courses that take account of the diverse learning needs of our students and the expectations of our community.
All of our Tutors have broad industry experience and have been employers prior to their careers in teaching. Our knowledge of how industry operates, and the needs of employers has seen many of the students we have had through our programmes over the last few years go on to successful employment in industry.

To provide students with opportunities to develop; 
  • An informed understanding of technologies and relevant technological developments in both Trades and Technology contexts.
  • Confidence and competence in product design and development.
  • A broad range of technical and technological skills that will support students ongoing studies and employment opportunities in an ever developing Technological and Industrial world.
  • The skills and knowledge that will support each student to gain achievements that reflect their potential and ability.Vision
  • Our vision is to instil a passion for success in our students and to support them in preparing themselves to fulfil that passion through real world experiences in our Trade and Technology programmes

For further information please contact the Principal.