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The music department offers an extensive program of opportunities to explore performance, composition, music history, theory, technology and is able to support students in realising their full musical potential. The department is well resourced with a large classroom teaching space, performance room, rehearsal spaces, and recording studio. There is one fulltime music teacher and extra tuition is offered through itinerant tutors in guitar, drums, brass, and piano.

Junior Music: Years 9 & 10
Music theory, performances - on the keyboard & guitar, music history, critical listening – analyzing and critiquing music.

Senior Music: Years 11, 12, 13
Theory, solo & group performance, composition, analysis of music works from a range of styles and eras. Operation of P.A systems and recording studio.


Brass instruments, pianos, keyboards, LabPro-Tools recording setup, computers, drum kits, acoustic guitars, electric guitars & amps