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Military Services Academy

The Services Academy began in 2010 at the College in a combined initiative from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Defence.

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(Above left: John Keys greets WCC Service Academy Students; WCC students on top of an army tank) 

The College was one of eight new secondary schools to secure a position on the initiative. The course has an Academy Director and our College Director is Retired Warrant Officer Class One, Mr Thomas (Blue) Davies who joined the school after 27 years experience in the NZ Army.

The course comprises of three distinct parts:
1. One third of the course is made up of Military drill and exercise.
2. One third Community Service
3. One third NZQA related credits and qualifications. The minimum requirement is NCEA Level 1
Mathematics and English.

This course is for senior students who are at least sixteen and a half years old. The selection process is by nomination and then an interview with the students parents/whanau. Twenty students are chosen for the year long course.

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1. To equip the students with the fundamental Literacy and Numeracy skills to not only pass the entrance test but to be better prepared to be a member of one of the services.
2. For each student to be at a level of fitness where they exceed the basic entry requirements of all services.
3. Give the student a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities and function of each service.
4. To prepare students for the expectations and demands of services basic training and everyday life.
5. To make each student a better prepared and more attractive candidate to the service recruiters.

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By the end of the year, the goal is to have most of the students at a point where they are able to sit and pass the written and physical entrance tests for any of the government services.

For further information please contact the Principal.
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